Craft Link

Craft Link is a Vietnamese not-for-profit, fair trade organization which helps traditional craft producers to revive their culture, promote traditional culture and skills, and improve their livelihoods through handicraft production and marketing.

Craft Link gives preference to producers who are marginalized or disadvantaged, such as ethnic minority people in remote areas, street children, and people with disabilities and producer groups that are investing in the handicraft producers’ social welfare.

Craft Link is currently supporting 63 artisan groups all over Vietnam. 45% are ethnic minorities, 25% are disadvantaged groups, and 30% are traditional villages

Craft Link makes money and operates in a business-like fashion. Three things make us different. First, we are committed to working with producers who need our services. Second, profits are used for the organization’s development activities and for developing new handicraft projects, not for the benefit of the owner or board. Third, because the profits do not go into the pockets of individuals, many people share our vision and willingly invest time and energy to make this vision a reality.

Craft Link is committed to treating all of its handicraft artisans fairly; paying artisan groups fair wages, using profits to assist in new project activities, and providing different training for the artisans and markets for their products through its shops, bazaars and export.

Craft Link needs to be financially self-sustainable and not dependent on outside money to continue its efforts to help producers continue. Purchasing handicraft products through Craft Link’s shop, bazaars and other distribution channels, telling others about our products and vision, and contributing to assisting Craft Link in retailing, distribution and development will increase our ability to increase to improve the economic, cultural, and social well-being of the communities Craft Link serves

Craft Link
assisting artisans in Vietnam to produce and market fine handicraft

Hmong Textiles of Sansaho, Sapa