In today’s multi polar, increasingly open marketplace, emerging countries have an opportunity to expand trade and build relationships around the world through their unique cultural heritage. Many trading partners and global consumers don’t yet have a true understanding of these nations unique cultures, or peoples. A significant barrier to trade, development and the building of strong relationships between governments, this lack of understanding and knowledge hinders development.

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We can increase trade between peoples and cultures around the world by increasing our understanding and appreciation of the unique creative expressions and contributions of our indigenous peoples and cultures

We do not yet have a true understanding of the different cultures, peoples, economy and capacity of our developing countries which militates against our ability to understand the opportunities we have to contribute to these emerging countries and to creating a better future for the indigenous cultures that contribute so significantly to the experience of the land defined by the country as a nation in our world.
In the open marketplace created by the communications systems of our new world we have a great opportunity as a creative community to create connections and relationships and contribute to exciting economic activity and investment in the emerging economies of countries with unique cultures, peoples, and contributions to make to our understanding, appreciation, and experience of life.

We have the opportunity to create connections and relationships for companies with an interest in creating partnerships with creative cultures.